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Ways to Give

 If you have questions about donations, please review our Gifts & Donations Policycontact us, or speak to a financial advisor.

Online or Mail

Donations made online or by check are the easiest way to give back and can be a general donation or can be for specific Clinic, Department, or health need.

Donations can be made online or by check to:

Delta Health Foundation

PO Box 10100

Delta, CO 81416

Memorials &


You can make a gift in memory of a friend, loved one, or an extraordinary person or caregiver who has made a difference in your life. Memorial Plaques are also available as a tribute to your loved one's legacy. 

You can support us without spending an extra dollar by registering for Community Rewards with your City Market Value Card or on AmazonSmile. Both organizations donate a percentage of your purchases to our organization!

The goal for Delta Health Oncology/Infusion Center is to provide the most exceptional and holistic care to all patients and caregivers by focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each patient. Your donation directly supports this initiative.

Planned Giving

We are setup to accept bequests and gifts of personal and real property (i.e. cash autos, real estate, stock insurance, etc.) Please contact us and talk to your financial adviser about these options and tax advantages.

Donations made for a specific area of interest will be dispersed as directed by the donors wishes.


This includes Scholarship funds, Clinic or Department designated, or health programs, 

Please contact us if you wish to create a Designated Fund. 



Our mission is to inspire generosity, and support remarkable care for our community through Delta Health.

Our vision is to support the long and short-term goals of Delta Health through community engagement, education, and innovation. 

We believe that investing in  human capital - the people delivering care - we can enhance the well-being of our community for years to come. In an ever changing field, providing educational opportunities and scholarships allows Delta Health to provide the highest quality of care.

The Nurses Fund allows you to show your appreciation for the compassionate Nurses at Delta Health. 

Compression garments maintain the volume loss gained with therapy and provides a ‘pumping action’ on the affected tissues. Unfortunately, Medicare and most other insurance providers do not pay for or reimburse for compression garments.

The Delta Health Foundation: Lymphedema Compression Fund is available to ease this burden and help provide compression garments to those in need.

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