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The first Quarter of 2019 has been a whirlwind! The DCMH Foundation has provided two continuing education scholarships to DCMH staff, provide much needed equipment, and help support a Sexual Assault Response Team in Delta and Montrose Counties. Through these initiatives, the DCMH Foundation hopes to provide more comprehensive, inclusive care to our communities.

Leadership throughout the Hospital and Clinics were recognized for being Perennial Patrons. Thank you all for your support and what you do for the community everyday!

In the month of March a community led Matching Program more than tripled the number of Perennial Patrons! We are so excited for this renewed enthusiasm and show of support from within DCMH and the community. 

Perennial Patrons are the heart and soul of our organization as monthly donations allow the DCM  Foundation to be a positive force in Delta Hospital and the community year after year.  

If you would like to become a Perennial Patron, we've made it even easier for you to do so on our redesigned website.

With this added support, the DCMH Foundation looks forward to carrying momentum forward into the rest of 2019. Even now, we are about to complete two equipment donations in April that will have major impacts throughout Delta County! 


Chelsea Hotchkiss, a Medical assistant at Internal Medicine Associates, applied and received a scholarship as she continues her education to gain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Chelsea has been working at DCMH since 2013 and is in her second year of courses at Colorado Christian University.

The DCMH Foundation is excited to support this young lady as she continues her journey to better serve patients of Delta County.

A scholarship was also awarded at the DCMH West Elk Hotchkiss Clinic! The scholarship will help an existing staff person to take an Advanced Medical Language Interpreting Training. By becoming a certified Spanish Translator, she will better serve patients whose first language is Spanish. The DCMH Foundation is proud to support her as she fills a much needed role to provide a higher level of care in the West Elk Clinic.

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