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Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation Awarded In-home Opioid Disposal Resources Grant

The Delta County Memorial Hospital Foundation (DCMH Foundation) is the recipient of an AmerisourceBergen Foundation grant providing in-home drug disposal resources. In-home drug disposal, or site-of-use medication disposal, provides an easy method for people to dispose of their expired or unnecessary medications in an environmentally safe and effective manner.

The grant awarded to the DCMH Foundation provides a thousand individual packets of “DisposeRx” which contains a non-toxic powder that an individual can pour into a medication container with warm water, and shake for ten to fifteen seconds. The result is a biodegradable gel that sequesters the physical and chemical attributes of the medication. The medication cannot be retrieved once the gel is formed and since it is non-toxic, the canister can then be put in a trash receptacle without fear of poison, abuse, or contamination.

Safely disposing of unused medication is one of five basic precautions the American Medical Association suggests to prevent the misuse of opioids as well as, storing opioids in a locked container, keeping medication in its original package, keep out of children’s reach, and not to share medications.

“We are so grateful to receive this grant that allows us to provide our communities with resources and education on safe opioid disposal practices, says Kaitlyn Jones, Executive Director of the DCMH Foundation. "There are designated medication take back locations throughout the county, but this in-home options gives people another tool to keep their homes and community safe and healthy.”

The DCMH Foundation is collaborating with the Delta Hospital, Delta County Opioid Task Force, and several other local organizations to distribute the packets and provide additional education on proper medication disposal practices. Page Osborn is the DCMH West Elk Clinic manger and also leads the Opioid Task Force and is excited to have these resources.

“Our primary tool for fighting the Opioid Epidemic is education and knowing these in-home deactivation resources are available will be a driving force for our organization going forward,” Osborn says.

Packets and education material will be available at the Delta County Memorial Hospital Booth at the Delta County Fair. For more information, contact the DCMH Foundation Executive Director, Kaitlyn Jones, at 399.2610.

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