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Your support today helps address a variety of emerging needs related to COVID-19 helping Delta Health maintain its critical role. Your gift will help support the care needed for our community.

A fund, COVID-19 Response Efforts, has been established at Delta Health Foundation. Any contributions to this fund will go directly to assisting in the massive efforts at the hospital to deal with this crisis, including the purchase of N95 masks, face shields or goggles, isolation gowns, nitrile gloves and other equipment and supplies essential to COVID-19 patient care.  You can give online or by sending a check payable to DCMH Foundation to PO Box 10100, Delta, Colorado 81416.


Other ways to help:

  • Donate cloth masks, 100% cotton fabric, elastic to Delta Health

  • Volunteer to deliver groceries or run errands for at-risk populations

  • STAY HOME as much as possible - while volunteers and supplies are needed, your safety is still a top-priority and social distancing is the best line of defense for individuals.

If you have questions about donating, please feel free to reach out via email or phone (970)399-2610


There is no universal ‘right way’ to make a mask. We have provided some resources that offer you different patterns. No two people are exactly the same, so mask style/size variations is welcome! If making a youth mask, we do ask a few consistencies:

  • No pockets in masks

  • Prioritize Elastic for Elementary Children masks (elastic shortage still remains)

  • No wire in Elementary Children sizes

  • Fabric 100% Cotton or close-knit, soft fabric (think t-shirts, sheets, pillowcases)


Sewing Studio


If you're making an adult mask for Delta Health and their patients please bring them to the front entrance of Delta Health Monday thru Friday 7 am to 6 pm. The main entrance is closed to visitors during the weekend. 

Masks for kids can be dropped off at any Delta County High School front entrance beginning Wednesday, August 5.  

To donate fabric before August, 5 please call the number below. 

If you have any questions, please email us or
call (970)399-2610


Do not make masks for donation if there is anyone in your home who:

  • Smokes

  • Has tested positive for COVID-19

  • Has any symptoms of any respiratory illness

Please prewash fabric, wash your hands and work in a clean environment.

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