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Protecting the Heroes

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Coretta Scott King once said, "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

If the past month has shown us one thing, it is that the Delta County community is exceptional. People from across the community have jumped into action helping our health heroes and each other through this pandemic. 

During these unprecedented times, collective compassionate actions will help us get through this together. Everyone can perform at least one compassionate action that helps our community.

It takes compassion for you to stay home.
It takes compassion for you to wear a mask.
It takes compassion for you to help.

All of these actions, no matter how big or small, help our community fight this crisis. Compassionate acts are keeping Delta County unified,  despite the physical distance.

If you're wondering what compassionate act you can take for others, than we're here for you. Below we've compiled a few ways for you to stay safe and support those who need it.  

Wishing you all the best, 

Kaitlyn Jones, Executive Director 

DCMH Foundation


DCMH Foundation has created a fund for COVID-19 Response Efforts. Any contributions to this fund will go directly to assisting in the massive efforts at the hospital to deal with this crisis. Your donation can make a real difference to the workers on the front lines of COVID-19. Help us protect our heroes.

You can give online or by sending a check payable to DCMH Foundation to PO Box 10100, Delta, Colorado 81416.


Delta County's Volunteer Coalition is up and running! Volunteers are needed at the call center and to help high-risk people get needed supplies like groceries. If you want to volunteer or need assistance please contact to Delta County Call Center (970)874-2172 or

North Fork Coordinator:

Brian Ayers

Delta and Surface Creek Coordinator: 

Fred McKee


With the help of many volunteers, hundreds of masks and gowns have been made for DCMH and other essential workers. But we are not out of the woods yet. There are still people performing essential duties that need masks. If you are able to sew, or are part of a business that's keeping us all going, please reach out to

ShadeScapes, a local Hotchkiss business, is helping to match volunteer sewing groups with Delta County businesses in need of face masks and donating fabric to get the job done.


So many businesses and individuals have already provided so much support - Thank you!

Andrea Singewald, Annita L. Bogle, Anthony Cooper, Bev Wilmore, Butch's Café, Butler Family, Cally Gallegos, Carol Lamm, CB's Tavern, Cedaredge Community Care, Chelsea McCormick, Clubb's, Coni Wolfe, Connie Barry, Connie Frost, Crossroads Victory Church, Cynda Clay, Delta Animal Hospital, Delta Fire Department, Delta Middle School Student Government, Devine Experience Salon, Doug Fritz, Dr. Richards, Elaine Leigh, Elizabeth O'Reilly, Felicia Avila, Helen Groome, James Hughes, Jane Vale, Karen McMillen, Kari Long, Kathryn Julian, Kathy Carlson, Kathy Shoemaker, Kim Julian, Lynea & Dan Schultz-Ela, Lynette Early, Marilyn Baugh, Mary and Donna, Mary Cooper, Mary Hockenberry, Mollie Young, Monik Chavez, Nomi Gray, OxBow Mining, S&B Quilters, Safeway,  San Juan Regional Council of El Pomar, ShadeScapes Americas, Teri Hellman, Traci Stroh and Mary Roesler, Trish Tuin, True West Hats, Two Rivers Vet Clinic, US Bank in Cedaredge, Vegetation Management West, Veronica Minsk, West Elk Coal Mine


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